AQ river desicions 25/25 live

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AQ river desicions 25/25 live

Game 25/25 nlhe 9 max
UTG+1 reg open 100 ( we know that he is aggro reg who play higher limits )
CO reg fish call 100
HERO BU- AsQd call 100 (big fish in BB)
Sb fold
BB call 100
4 way flop comes JsTc8d pot 425
BB check
UTG+1 bet 350
CO fold
Hero call
BB fold
2 way turn JsTc8d 2s pot 1125
UTG+1 bet 875
Hero call
2 way river JsTc8d 2s 9h pot 28755
UTG+1 check
Hero bet 1500
Utg +1 raise to 5600
Hero need to call 4100

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