Best strategy for 8 to 10 players in a table?

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Best strategy for 8 to 10 players in a table?

Hi guys, I'm currently playing with many familiar recs in the weekend (100BB - 200BB), normally 8 to 10 players in a table. Most of them never folds pre-flop even with 5BB. And in flop, they call with very high price with the hope to get flushes or straights.

My strategy is:
- Pre-flop: isolate only with monster hands like AA, KK, QQ. I'm afraid to isolate with AKs, AKo because sometimes many will even call with 20BB, which make AKs would be weak. Otherwise, I'll limp (or call 3BB) with them most of the time.
- Flop/Turn/River: call-only to control pot, sometimes trap with nuts, rarely bluff raise because fold equity is almost zero.

So what is the best strategy to play in this kind of table, when it's difficult to isolate pre-flop, most of the plays are multiway of 8-10 players?
And suggestion to improve my above strategy? Thanks in advanced.

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