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Bovada open size tell

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Bovada open size tell

Recently watched Ryan Fee's stream and while playing on bovada he mentioned that he doesn't like 2.5xing and just 3x everywhere and minraises btn. He said he does this because 2.5x kinda screams reg and when you are playing on a anonymous site you don't want to give away what type of player you are. I'm not sure how many people actually see the 2.5x and think reg and adjust but I definitely think it is worth mentioning. There are some pretty bad players in the bovada pool so being disguised as them does have some value. Regardless of if you think it is worth it to 3x instead of 2.5x I do think there is at least some value in being able to identify someone as most likely a reg when they make it 2.5x. Being able to know someone is a reg as opposed to one of the crazy fish that lurk in the bovada pools does have a lot of value IMO.

What do you guys think?

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