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Calling 3 bets with medium pocket pairs

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Calling 3 bets with medium pocket pairs

Im a little bit confused about how to properly call and then play my medium pocket pairs(66-TT) on the flop-. Been locking at some videos and it seems that if you raise with 77 from mp and button 3 bet and the flop is A32 and he c bet 1/3 you should fold, if this is the case why then call from the beginning? Seems to me i should at least call one street. Then i saw on upswing poker you can call several barrels from someone if the board does not favour his range. Say i raise mp and 3 bet i call with 77 or 88 and the flopp is 923, i check he bet 1/3 i call and lets say a blank 2 comes on the turn can i call another 2/3 pot bet here? Im playing anonymous board so i have no read just want it from a teoretical point of view. I also guess this topic depende on if i get 3 bet from a late position or lets say i raise utg and the player after 3 bets i have less incentives to call a flop and turn bet on dry boards when i dont hit my set. I guess it also depends on how much draw it is on the board but just curious to se when you call 2 streets or if you just call one street and then let it go:)

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