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Cheap pre flop GTO solutions

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Cheap pre flop GTO solutions

Hi all

As you may be aware the cost of GTO pre flop solutions using PioSOLVER is quite expensive. It costs $1100 for the solver and you need to spend even more on cloud computing or a dedicated server as it can't run on a home computer (if you want accurate solutions). It can cost around $2000 for all your pre flop needs, depending on how many spots you want to solve.

So me and a couple other Run it Once members have decided offer pre flop solutions for new players for only $35. This is great if you're kind only new to the game and want to have a better understanding of how to play pre flop, or if you're a lot more experienced but can't justify the costs of the pre flop solver. Our solutions are actually cheaper than the cloud computing costs, so even if you have the solver ours are cheaper than finding them yourself

PioSOLVER asks you to input an opening range, and then it gives you the rest of the GTO ranges for when it folds to the BB. The opening ranges we chose was the Upswing Poker Lab ranges as we feel these ranges are most appropriate for the people who are interested. The Lab ranges are different (much better) than the ones found for free on their site.

The pack includes GTO-
BB call range
BB 3-bet range
RFI call 3-bet range
RFI 4-bet range
BB call 4-bet range
BB 5-bet range
RFI call 5-bet range

RFI is either UTG, MP, CO, BU or SB (for 6-max)

Total of 25 charts (including opening ranges)
Each chart includes a raise, call and fold range and the correct frequencies to take each action

There are options if you want different raise sizes, or rake or no rake

If you're interested then check our this link. All the important info is there and you can pay there as well

Let me know if you have any questions either on this thread or via private message

EDIT: Crowdfund has expired. Use this link now

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