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Constructing better posts

It is important that we all take the time to construct better quality posts if we would like to improve more quickly and with less mistakes. Taking the time to describe the scenarios which we are facing, instead of mindlessly posting hand histories without detailed information, will help everyone. This post is about my thoughts on how you may be able to help yourself as well as others helping you.

Details matter - Spend a few minutes describing more details about the game. Some ideas of questions you can ask yourself to help describe the game state would be:

-What is the current dynamic of the game/pool?

-What has happened in the game in the past few minutes to change the dynamic?

-What types of players are at the table? Quickly describe the player type in each seat. This does wonders for helping understand how ranges are constructed for each player.

-How do your opponents perceive you?

-How do you perceive your opponents?

-How do your opponents perceive each other?


Construct assumptions - Mindlessly posting hand histories does little outside of reassuring your assumptions. Reconstructing the hand and working through it with a poker tool, whether it be free tools such as equity calculator and a calculator or purchased tools such a solver, will help you so much more than anything else. It is in the process of working with the tools in which your mind absorbs the information much better. When you are describing the hand be sure to explain what ranges are used throughout the hand. Why are they used?

Describe your thoughts on the hand - Explain your reasoning for your actions on each street. Did you take what you believe is the GTO line? What do you believe is the GTO line? Are you trying to exploit an opponent? What are your assumptions that lead you to believe that taking an exploitative line is best? Have you tested your theory? Why not?

I am sure there are many more thoughts many people could contribute here though this post is meant not to be a guideline of how to post but ideas for better quality posts and learning processes. Take the time to help yourself. Take the time to help others help you. If you don't take the time now it is likely you will have to repeat these learning processes in the future.

I hope this helps at least one other person in their quest for poker perfection. If it does that then I accomplished my goal.

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