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Davidnso's Back2speed Video Review 25NL(z) - Pt. 1 [45m]

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Davidnso's Back2speed Video Review 25NL(z) - Pt. 1 [45m]


I had a busy June (projects, final presentations, 45-55 hr work weeks), so wasn't able to put in a lot of study/volume at all. The times I did play was suboptimal and I need to get my brain back up to speed to where I can play efficiently, while getting back in the groove of studying as well. What better way to have you folks pick apart my game?

In response to The Great Video Review Thread by Dddogkillah, I have posted my very first session of July after a month of subpar on-and-off play and literally no studying. After having a good May where I was winning ~7bb/100 over 48k hands at 25NL, I followed up with a losing month in June playing only 6k hands at -8bb/100. Time to get back in it and put our results where we want them to be!

This is a mix of WPN/Bovada, at 25NL and 25NLz, respectively.

Here it is: davidnso's lol-bad play of July

After this session I felt like I played my C+ game, there were a few spots where I was a passive fish and didn't take the more aggro line. And also some standard spots where I had to think a bit before making any decisions.

Thank you in advance for any feedback/criticism, don't hold anything back!

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