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Defense vs 3bets.

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Defense vs 3bets.

Hi guys im going to post my strategy vs % of 3bets including flats, stack-off and 4b/bluff, please your opinions are the most important thing.

Note: if the villian folds a lot vs 4bet, i double up my bluff range, and obviously if he doesnt fold vs 4b i eliminate my bluffs and my value will be wider.

Vs 4-5%:

Stack-off: KK+ AKs
Call: 99+ AKo AJs+ KQs
Bluff: AQo ATs A9s

Vs 7%

Stack-off: QQ+ AKs
Call: 88+ AQo+ AJs+ KQs QJs JTs
Bluff: AJo ATo

Vs 10%

Stack-off: JJ+ AK
Call: 77+ AJo+ ATs+ KQs KQo QJs JTs T9s 98s
Bluff: ATo A5-2s KTs QTs

Vs 15%

Stack-off: TT+ AK
Call: 44+ ATo+ A9s+ KTs KQo QTs J9s T8s 98s 87s
Bluff: A9o A5-2s KJo

Vs 20%
Stack-off: 99+ AQs AKo
Call: 22+ ATo+ A2s+ K9s KJo Q9s QJo J9s T8s 97s 87s 76s
Bluff A9o K8s-5s Q8s J8s JTo

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