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Did Doug Polk overplay his hand here?

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Did Doug Polk overplay his hand here?

Preflop Doug straddles to 200 with 65o
Justin raises to 600, Doug calls

Justin cbets 700 on 9d3hQd and Doug raises to 2350?

Turn 3s goes check, check

Ad falls, Doug slightly overbet to 6450 and Justin calls.

Link to video: Doug Polk Makes a $6000 Overbet on a Scary River vs Justin ♠ Live at the Bike!

Preflop is loose by Doug. But on the flop he goes crazy, he has so many gutshots, backdoor hearts, hands with one overcard, or even 45/42 have better backdoor potential. It is hard to come up with a hand that is worse than 65o on this board. Doug literally always advocates folding the bottom of your range to a reasonably sized bet, so what is he doing here. Was Doug on tilt?

Turn check seems reasonable. As played, river is a good spot to bluff since he has a diamond blocker but he doesn't block any straightdraw.

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