did i fcked it up on every street?

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did i fcked it up on every street?

10/20/40 live, 4.9K eff
hero A2ss 100 BU, prob reg call BB(played with him once, prolly on tighter side), straddle fold.

Ad 7c 8c i cbet 100 and villain x/r for 400 i called.
a) prob better xb flop?
cause his rng is pretty strong, lots of pp and decent Ax, cause he would face often 3-bet from reg on straddle(on the other side he shouldn't call much here so who knows)

2 d and villain X, in game i bet 630 and get jammed.

b) should we bet turn?
c) should we call? (we have like 42% if we put him some decent rng but problem is, double x/r is so value heavy line in live games and so under bluffed line(


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