Does anyone ever, at any time, over bet bluff?

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Does anyone ever, at any time, over bet bluff?

In the hand posted above :

UTG opens to $.25, folds around to us in BB w K3ss. This is prob a bit lose to be calling in BB vs UTG open. I think I prefer folding in retrospect. However, we made the call. I don't think calling is the worst play in the world - would assume it is most likely -EV vs UTG opening range.


Flop comes A37hcc. We check which is what we are doing w our entire range here. UTG b75% or so. This flop absolutely favors UTG range. Obv he will have all the better Ax hands & we cant have those as played. W our specific hand I actually think folding is okay. Our hand isnt likely to be good here very often given the board texture even tho we have a pair. Additionally, there arent a ton of good turn cards for us & it is hard for our hand to improve or pick up equity. It seems like my call on the flop could be considered a compound mistake from the call pre flop. I think I lean fold on the flop given everything we just laid out. However, we decided to call. Onto the turn.


3h. Yahtzee. We turn trips. We check to UTG who now b150%. This is now a weird spot. Obv, UTG isnt repping the 3. He shouldnt have much 3x in his opening range & only two combos of A3s remain. This narrows his range down imo to either his strongest Ax hands (AK, AQ, maybe AJ depending on how he is working that into his overbet strategy), 77/AA, & his flush draws. Our hand is too good to fold here vs even an overbet. We are ahead of too many of UTG's hands, even his value hands, to be folding here. Our hand is also cool because we unblock both flush draws UTG can have here which might be taking an overbet line on the turn. I dont see much merit in raising - we want to keep his bluffs in as well as his strong Ax hands & should he be at top of range w hands like 77/AA then he isnt going to fold anyway. I like our play on the turn. Playing vs overbets is always tricky & usually, at least in my experience so far at .10nl, it means the super nuts. However, I still think our hand is too good in this spot. If we start folding trips here it means we are only calling full houses which is too narrow.


Kd. Gin. We have improved to a full house. We check to UTG to let him continuing betting. Unfortunately, we see UTG rip $11.35 into a pot of $5.13. Over 200% overbet on the river. This spot is gross. UTG range is polarized to either 77/AA for value or a bricked flush draw. I should have taken more time to think this hand through. I remember almost snap calling & immediately thinking, "why didnt I stop to think about the hand more thoroughly"? Idk if I wouldve found a fold more often had I stopped to think it through. However, in general at .10nl overbets are almost always nutted. Every so often you will pick off a bluff. More often than not, its going to be the nuts. UTG not only overbet on turn but also on river as well. This should be sending alarm bells off. In retrospect idk if I like my call here or not. We beat all of our opponents bluffs - which on this runout can only rly be busted flush draws. As played, I dont think UTG is ever going to have hands like AK, AQ, AJ. Maybe UTG can have AK & be jamming for value - idk if that is a thing given the bet sizing on turn & river. Anyway, this just seems like it will be 77/AA more often than it is bluffs. We decide to call & get shown the bad news : 77. FeelsBadMan

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