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ev loss and simplification

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ev loss and simplification

example: comparing range betting strategies vs betting/checking strats in 3 bet pots on the flop

Range betting strategies usually suffer some ev loss when compared to bet/check strats but the latter is more difficult to execute accurately and the former can be executed perfectly each time. When comparing the EVs of two strategies, how do we determine when an ev loss is acceptable enough for us to favor a simpler strategy? Are there any benchmark numbers that people commonly use to guide their decision making?

For example, I notice an ev loss of 4 chips on a particular board when I choose a range betting strat over a betting/checking strat. Is this too much of a loss? How many chips are considered "too much" of a loss and how many chips are considered an "acceptable" loss?

I am working on simplifying my strategies, but I don't know any cutoff points when it comes to differences in ev. How do I determine this?

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