EV or Balance, Intuitive Deciding Factors for Solvers?

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EV or Balance, Intuitive Deciding Factors for Solvers?

Hey Guys,

Solvers tend to be balanced in general and tend to protect the overall range. However, I tend to believe that is mostly because strong hands in an otherwise weak range profit from being played passively and being attacked with the other weak hands. On the other hand, we see solvers check raising most combos of TP+ in a bb vs MP situation when MP is betting 1/3 with range on range favoring dry or semi wet boards. If the main intention was balance and range protection, this would be counter intuitive because BB's calling range is very weak in these situation as it doesn't contain most combos of two pair plus. What are the main deciding factors that is prevalent in most situations for solvers that are seen throughout different simulations? In addition, I was wondering if solvers would employ a lower EV play for reasons that aren't quite obvious/

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