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Fear, Hope, and the Casino Floor

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Fear, Hope, and the Casino Floor

About a year ago I started playing poker in a house game with some friends. I was terrible back then, but luckily we all were. It was a blast. Slowly I started to get more fascinated with the game, why some nights I felt like I couldn't lose and some I couldn't win. Without even really noticing it, I began to take poker more seriously. About 3 months ago I started playing online. About 1 month I got a RIO membership and started watching videos. About 1 week ago I started studying with a solver and used my winnings to buy Poker Tracker 4.

I'm 21, about to be a senior in college, and have no idea what the rest of my life is going to look like. I'm not sure if I have the talent to be a high-stakes poker player. Even if I do, I'm not sure I'm disciplined enough to get there. The one thing the last year has taught me is I want to find out. Through a mixture of live play at my local casino, a couple of good tournament results, and cash games I've built my bankroll to a little over 1000. I think it's enough for me to take a real shot at beating Ignition 50NL over a legit sample.

So, in order to be accountable to myself, every Monday I'm going to post an update to this thread about how I'm doing, how my week went, and what my goals for the next week are. So, here are my goals for the next week:

-Play 5,000 hands
-Watch 5 RIO videos
-Respond intelligently to 5 RIO threads
-Create 20 flashcards through solver study and review them before sessions
-Write in my session notebook before and after each session
-Update this thread next Monday

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