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finally some run-good

[b]Yatahay Network - $0.02 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players[/b]
[i][url=]Hand converted by PokerTracker 4[/url][/i]

MP: 108.5 BB
CO: 73 BB
BTN: 102 BB
SB: 111.5 BB
[b]BB: 111 BB[/b]
[b]Hero (UTG): 122 BB[/b]

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, [b]BB[/b] posts BB 1 BB

[b]Pre Flop:[/b] [i](pot: 1.5 BB)[/i] [b]Hero[/b] has J:diamond: A:diamond:

[color=red][b]Hero[/b] raises to 2.5 BB[/color], [i]fold[/i], [i]fold[/i], [i]fold[/i], [i]fold[/i], [color=red][b]BB[/b] raises to 9 BB[/color], [b]Hero[/b] calls 6.5 BB

[b]Flop:[/b] [i](18.5 BB, 2 players)[/i] 6:diamond: K:spade: J:club:
[b]BB[/b] checks, [b]Hero[/b] checks

[b]Turn:[/b] [i](18.5 BB, 2 players)[/i] J:spade:
[b]BB[/b] checks, [b]Hero[/b] checks

[b]River:[/b] [i](18.5 BB, 2 players)[/i] J:heart:
[color=red][b]BB[/b] bets 13.5 BB[/color], [color=red][b]Hero[/b] raises to 45.5 BB[/color], [color=red][b]BB[/b] raises to 102 BB and is all-in[/color], [b]Hero[/b] calls 56.5 BB

[spoil][b]BB[/b] shows A:spade: K:club: (Full House, Jacks full of Kings)
(Pre 69%, Flop 86%, Turn 5%)
[b]Hero[/b] shows J:diamond: A:diamond: (Four of a Kind, Jacks)
(Pre 31%, Flop 14%, Turn 95%)
[b]Hero[/b] wins 211.5 BB

how would you have played villains hand differently if at all

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