Fish 33% donk bet river 3bet pot, exploit fold ?

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Fish 33% donk bet river 3bet pot, exploit fold ?

50nl Hudless site
UTG semi loose-passive fish opens $1.75 probably stats like 40-50 vpip/10-15 pfr
Hero Mp 3bet $5.25 w/ KhKs
Everyone else folds

Pot $11.25
Flop 8c 7h Jd
UTG checks
Hero bets $5.62
UTG calls

Pot $22.49
Turn 6d
UTG checks
Hero bets $15
UTG calls

Pot $52.49
River 9d
UTG donk bets shove $16.49
Hero folds

Preflop , 3betting 1010+, AKo +, AQo+, and AJs. Read on fishes opening range puts him on strong range 88,99, 1010, JJ, QQ , KK, AA, AKs , AQo w/ a strong change of weird/random cards like pocket pairs, suited connectors/suited cards, and broadways . After calling hero 3 bet , I put him on JJ, 1010, QQ, KK mixed, and AKo, and AKs, and the occasional random card.

Flop: Highest ev line should be to bet

Turn: I bet to get value from J's and QQ. My read of fish is that he is folding 1010, 99 and all second pairs, maybe even some Jacks. My theory over 250k hands is that fish in these pools are making exploitative folds in almost all pots . Which itself is annoying to play against because I have to try and balance vs the fish. And in this spot its hard to come up with bluffs, only AKs, AQs. I'm probably unbalanced heavily towards value and probably getting exploited a bunch, but common ideology always says to value bet vs the fish.

River: I construct a estimated value range of AdKd (maybe probably not in his range), AdQd (also probably not in his range), Ad10d, Ad8d, Ad7d, Kd10d, Kd9d, Qd10d, 3 combos of 109s, and 3 combos of J10s,

Overall 13 combos and w/ 1/3rd size bet , UTG needs to find 3.25 bluffs . The only candidates I see for bluffs are J's , since UTG folds all other lower pairs on the turn. But do fish even turn their top pair into bluffs? From experience I do see that fish on these connected boards like to make weird bluffs , even the mostly super passive ones. But with so little behind in this case do fish try to get villians to do a big hero fold ?

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