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FR .25/.50 SB spot

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FR .25/.50 SB spot

twentysometh starts with 14.59
bseltz starts with 23.07
FckMeToTears starts with 36.31
PT (hero) starts with 34.50
PlankyB starts with 31.32
megadonk starts with 49.14
Nicccc starts with 32.43
pokerextreme (villain) starts with 23.10

PT posts small blind (0.25)
PlankyB posts big blind (0.50) 
megadonk folds
Nicccc calls (0.50)
pokerextreme calls (0.50)
twentysometh folds
bseltz folds
FckMeToTears folds
PT raises to (2.50) with [As Ad]
PlankyB folds
Nicccc folds
pokerextreme calls (2.50)

so now theres about 6 in the pot im heads up with villain and thinking his hand isn't very great due to lip calling so his range is wide n he prob thinks I could be attacking limpers so also may have a wider range.

flop: [7s Jh 4d]
PT bets (4.50)
pokerextreme calls (4.50)

It a pretty dry board so when he calls im thinking some kind of jack im guessing if he flopped a set or most to pairs that hes going to R not just call.

turn: [Ac]
PT checks
pokerextreme checks

so when this ace hits I have like the nuts theres no possible flush and im guessing he cant have much so I X thinking ill give him a chance to bluff if he thinks I just have overs or a weaker range that just tried to steal then is cbetting n giving up when called.  I figured if I bet im almost never getting called

river: [8h]
PT bets (27.50) and is all-in
pokerextreme calls (16.10) and is all-in

so I bet all in again trying to look the weakest I can looks really fishy after tunr goes X/X


what do u guys think of how I played this hand should I have bet turn how would u guys have played it ect..

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