Hand analysis please

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Hand analysis please

I was wondering what people thought on this board, obviously the C/R on the river worked as a cheap stab, however should I have bet more to give him -EV with his range?

here is a link to the boom.

Analyzing his range he could possible have here on the flop I feel he could have a every combination of 78, 79, 89, even some random 58, 59 suited combos, pocket pairs 22-55 & 88,99. I am confident he isn't on a flush as I think most flush combo's and check raising earlier in the hand.

My question isn't range analysis, it is more weighted to putting his value hands into a -EV situation. I think my river C/R range can included any made flush, any overpair to the flop, and complete air. I was confident on triple barreling any non 8,9,10 run outs.

with the blocker here does this "minish" raise work often enough to cheaply stab this pot, or am I not putting in enough negative value vs his value range?

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