Help me plan my range vs range strategy here in a common spot

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Help me plan my range vs range strategy here in a common spot

So here's the scenario Run It Oncers...

We open the following 13.7% range UTG

and it folds to a competent villain in the BB who flats the following 8.75% range

(Ranges seems pretty typical so far, right?)

The flop comes Jh 7c 4d.

Help me compose my ranges in this spot in as balanced a way as possible. (I'm looking for go-to, GTO-ish ranges rather than exploitative ones).

I believe we have just barely enough fold equity on the flop w/ a .75 psb to be able to bet 100% of our range irrespective of hand value, but we have a decent number of pairs lower than Jx that likely play better as flop checks (Slightly too weak to vbet) As a result we probably need to develop a semi-wide flop check back range, as well as a bet bet bet range, bet bet check range, etc.

Assuming we can valuebet QQ+ on the river w/ my most board runouts, what combos do you think are optimal to barrel turn/river with? How are you balancing your Bluff : Vbet ratio combinatorically here? With hands like AJ, KJ, etc where only 2 streets of value are likely are you preferring a b/c/b line, or b/b/c?

I have a general idea of how I'm composing these ranges myself but I'd really appreciate hearing from others more experienced than I in this kind of macrocosmic analysis. (That means you Mr. Sulsky!)


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