Help me understand Equity Realization

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Help me understand Equity Realization


I am trying to transition into mostly cash after playing primarily MTTs for many years. I have plenty of cash game experience and understand all fundamentals/GTO principles etc. I understand the idea of Equity Realization, and have used the concept in MTTs mostly for constructing BB Defend ranges. In cash though, I struggle with how to apply EQR to range construction for spots like calling 3bets preflop, and calling cbets OOP.

I feel like I'm a little behind the curve in terms of best tools and processes to study EQR in these spots. In the past I have used power-equilab to apply EQR profiles to BB defend spots, and a similar approach could be used for other spots, but I am wondering:

-Are there better tools for EQR? Can PIO provide EQR values for specific combos?
-Are there good resources/videos on how to determine EQR for various hand combos preflop and postflop?
-Is there a way to do DB analysis to get actual EQR numbers from my sample of hands for specific combos?


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