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Help not making progress and feeling lost.

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Help not making progress and feeling lost.


I need some help. I've been playing poker for a couple of years as a hobbie/thinking maybe I could make a decent side income one day but money is not my focus atm.

When I first started playing I was lossing at 2NL so I took some time and studied the basics RFI ranges, Cbetting ect and this did me well and I started winning and went from 2NL to 5NL with relative ease. Now I've been playing 10NL since and I feel a little bit stuck/lost.

I do try to improve but I think maybe I'm doing it in a ineffective way. I watch video's, read articles and review hand historys but It feels like I'm not improving as a player and just spinning my wheels.

I'm not sure what the best way farward is for me atm. Part of the problem I think is there is too much information about and a lot of it is conflicting. I'm considering taking a step back and trying to relearn the game making sure I understand a concept before moving on.

Basically as you can probably tell I'm confused AF.

Sorry its long hopefully someone takes the time to read this and has some help.


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