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how to simply flop cbet sizing?

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how to simply flop cbet sizing?

Is there a general heuristic for simplifying flop cbet sizings? Like bet the weighted average of whatever sizings are used? Often I'm apparently supposed to split my sizings in confusing ways that wouldn't really work out in game.

For example, BvB 50NL simple on GTO Wizard - flop JT6ss. Overall SB checking frequency is 69%. 2p+ bets half the time and is mixing between betting small, medium and overbetting. Overpairs are mostly betting, and prefers to overbet although it mixes medium and small as well. Top pair bets about 40% of the time, prefers a small size but mixes medium and overbets as well. Second pair mostly checks and when it does bet almost always bets small. 99-77 basically never bet. Everything 6x or worse mostly checks and mixes all sizings when they bet.

How am I supposed to make sense of this? Would it be better to simply bet medium or check and split sizings on turn or river?

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