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Interesting Spot

I ve been study a lot lately and really got better win rate but this hand i wonder whats the best optiion. I have 99 on BU and raise 2.5 and sb makes it 10 i Call flopp is 259 rainbow. he bets 1/2 pot i call turn is a J. He checks and now its get interesting. I can now bet like small to protect by hand and deny equity if he holds 2 high cards. A friend thats good in poker recommended bettying 1/3 and fold if he check raises. I instead checked back and the river was a blank 2. he check again i bet pot he called and mucks. What would PIO prefer in this spot?! FYI im playing anonymous board so i have no clue about the player. Off course my line is better if he check raises a lot but i dont know him? What if i held KJ same flop he bet 1/3 i called with my 2 overs and Backdoor Flushdraw i hit J on the turn ad he checks. Should i go small on turn and bigger on river or check back turn and bet pot river?!With the other example KJ lets assume the same river 2 and no flushdraw on turn!

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