Is A9s the new JJ?

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Is A9s the new JJ?

In the hand above :

We are OTB w A9cc & open to $.25. SB 3b to $1.15. I usually mix between flatting & folding this hand vs SB 3b. In general, I lean more towards flatting. Our hand plays decently against SB 3b range & we are IP so the hand will be a bit easier to navigate post flop. Any thoughts on this? I think I am okay w flatting but open to hearing out other opinions/feedback as I am not completely sure.


Flop comes 797r. SB leads $1 into $2.40. I think our move here is calling most of the time. I don't see a ton of merit in raising. SB has range advantage & will have JJ+ at a much higher frequency than we will as we are going to be 4b those hands pre flop. Should SB have hands like AT+, A4/5s, smaller pocket pairs, we are okay w allowing him to bet & flatting as we have most of those hands in bad shape - particularly AT+ as should an A come on the turn we will have the higher two pair. I like just flatting on the flop. I think this is the standard play.


2d. SB now b50% & the pot is starting to get bloated - $6.60. When SB double barrels a total brick on turn his range starts to narrow, slightly more towards value imo. On this board it is tough for villain to have a lot of bluffs that arent total airballs. I think JTs could be a hand that he is barreling on the turn as a bluff. I dont think villain will have a lot of T8s, 86s, 85s as those hands dont want to 3b pre flop. Villain will have some backdoor flush draws that are now barreling having picked up equity - Axdd, KT-AKdd. However, I think our hand is still too strong to let go on the turn. My plan was to call turn & if villain blasts away on river go w the fold. Is that a flawed logic to operate from? If so, what would be the better mindset/logic to use in these spots where the pot is starting to swell & we arent totally confident in our hand & villain has the range advantage? Open tp feedback/advice in this spot as it was a rly tough one to navigate for me.


4c. Basically another brick. JTs & turned flush draws brick out. Villain overbet shoves for $9.24 into $8.80. I make the fold & move on. In general, most often this is going to be a value shove. In my experience, at 10nl most of the pool rarely, if ever, triple barrel bluffs w an overbet shove on the river. This is so frequently going to be an over pair - most likely KK/AA w QQ prob getting in there as well. It is weird cause as played our hand is near the top of our range in this spot. We have better hands - TT/JJ/99/78s. I decided to fold our specific hand & call w hands like 99/78s. I think I would have even folded TT/JJ given how the action went in the hand. Is this too nitty? IMO, given my experience so far these lines are so often going to be nutted. I think I am okay w how I played this hand. Obv I am not totally sure so would be open to feedback/input from anyone. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. I appreciate it.

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