It Feels Like I Cannot Beat 2NL

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It Feels Like I Cannot Beat 2NL

I've been playing GG RnC 2NL for a while, and it seems I cannot beat this lowest stake. I felt even better when I was playing 5NL (I took a shot and had to move back to 2NL because of a downswing). Here are my graphs for 2NL and 5NL, respectively.

Generally, I tend to play an aggressive style and try to attack weaknesses as much as possible. So I am over-bluffing for some spots. But it seems they usually don't fold the hands I am targeting (I usually use 65%-150% pot size. I don't want to size up because I want them to be consistent with my value bets). As for defence, I think the pool is severely under-bluffing. However, once I start over-folding, my red line falls drastically (maybe it has something to do with my bluffs). I have to pick up some marginal bluff catchers to slow it down. And then I always run into nuts when I start to bluff catch from time to time.

So, I don't know how I should adjust my strategy. I think I am quite familiar with the fundamentals and a little bit of poker theory (GTO stuff). But I am still confused about whether I should really go back to old-school style, play TAG or ABC poker to beat this stake.


[NL2 with VPIP filter]


[NL5 with VPIP filter]


[NL2 statistics grouped by position]

And I've just recorded a 10-minute session. Hope that it can provide further information about my play:

A 10-minute 4-table Session - Youtube

Appreciate anyone who provides any help in advance! Thank you.

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