Jam or call OTF, draw heavy board with AA

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Jam or call OTF, draw heavy board with AA

Hi first post here was hoping for a bit of feedback on this hand.

$0.10/$0.20 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *

* Dealing down cards *
Hero dealt [ Ac, As ] on BTN
UTG limps
HJ limps behind
Hero raises [$0.80] (probably could of made this 1-1.20)
Blinds fold
UTG calls [$0.60]
HJ calls [$0.60]

Pot 2.70
* Dealing flop * [ 5h, 3s, 6h ]
UTG checks
HJ checks
Hero bets [$1.78]
UTG raises [$5.34] (13.86 behind, I have him covered)
HJ folds
Hero raises all in

The pot size is 9.80 after his raise leaving about a pot sized bet behind if I were to call and see a turn. I unblock his flush draws and there are many combos of straight flush or straight with backdoor flush etc.

He ended up with a set in this situation but then went broke a few rotations later check raising and calling off with weak draws. I´m pretty sure I continue (although happy to hear thoughts on folding) but not sure if it makes sense to call or jam. I often find myself in these spots and am not sure whether I am just justifying getting it in bad with an over on a draw heavy board vs a player with a wide range of hands they are drawing or overvaluing.

Also apologies for hand history format I couldn`t get the ROI hand history converter to work for some reason.

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