Live 1/2

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Live 1/2

($305) CO - Raises PF $10
($545) D - Calls
($317) SB - Villian Calls
($400) BB - Hero Calls

I looked down at two red aces. Due to the fact that the three players in the pot with me are very agro i flatted the PF raise. The board came Qc 7h 5h. SB checks and I check to induce. CO checks and D bets $25. SB calls. I raise to $55. CO folds and D and SB call. The turn came with the 9c. Bringing a straight draw on the board. SB checks. I bet $86. D folds. SB snap calls. The river brings a 2d to the board for a brick. SB checks and Ill tank for two minutes just trying to go over his range and since he is such a loose player. Then he calls clock on me (which I had never seen in a cash game). I then thought i could be getting paid off with his top pair very easily. I decide not to check back and I bet $116. He snap calls and shows AsQs.

So I end up taking the >$500 pot down with one pair.

Do you guys think this was a good play due to the circumstances of playing very deep, out of position against very aggressive players? I think its more profitable to slow play in this situation but would like to hear some other input on this hand.

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