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Live 2/3 - Huge Draw Bricks on the River with a potential scare card. What to do?

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Live 2/3 - Huge Draw Bricks on the River with a potential scare card. What to do?

Hello all,

Hand 1:

Villian is a younger persian guy who i've played with before, he is a known fish and is extremely splashy, especially when he has a big stack. He is newer to the game, according to himself, but plays almost every hand. His VPIP was probably around 80-90%. He would call almost anything pre flop, but fold to aggression when he didnt have any sort of hand. V will barrel hands seemingly without any equity, and is all around pretty wild. He's built a huge stack of around $1200 by rivering 2 pairs on people, rivering a set of 8s vs my top pair after barreling all streets with an underpair and me calling him down, playing 96o in 3bet pots and hitting disguised straights.

The image of V is important because i would likely change my preflop play with him. History between us is mixed, when he's called my Preflop raises, he elected to donk into me 2x and both times i raised him (when i had no made hand yet), and he folded. Very recently, i rivered a flush vs him where he made a straight, and check raised him on the river for a very big pot, yes he paid off a check raise on a flushed river, he claims 'it looked like he was just trying to steal it!'. V has also folded to continued aggression vs other players, when he had decently strong hands, showing "big folds" to aggression then asking "was that good???"

the hand

I have 6c7c in UTG+2 with the effective stack of $515, i elect to limp because this table is largely limp happy, i dont mind spending 3 dollars to see a flop, if it's good, i can win big, if its bad, i lose 3 dollars. I'm also doing this with the intention of getting into a hand with V, becuase i know he will be raising sometimes too. V is in the SB. the man on my left who is a weak player who can open literally anything opens to 15, folds to V who min raises to 30. V has done this before however, i dont remember the hands. Either way, i have position on him, and if i make a nutted hand vs him, theres a great chance i can double through him. I'm not worried about the player on my left because he's likely to fold to this type of action based on lots of play together, and honestly, if hes in there it's fine by me

I call, he folds.

Flop ($70): 2c3cQd

V bets 35. I have a pretty strong draw here, there are lots of turns that give me a great draw or made hand vs this villain. When he 3bs pre, i do have to give him a bit more credit for his range, as he normally just calls with any of his garbage hands, but he's not afraid to barrel with underpairs (as shown by previous 8s hand described above). i'm getting correct odds to chase a flush vs any pair, and even better odds if he has air like AK, AJ, KJ, KT. I call. I feel like a call here is pretty standard here, but should i be raising? the merit to raising is i can set up a turn jam on cards that either improve a draw, or make my flush.

Turn ($140): 4s

I pick up gutshot outs, as well as my flush draw outs. V bets 45. Strange sizing from V, as usually he has bet at a consistent manor with his hand strength, 45 into 140 seems awfully weak. I limp called, and i should have this board absolutely dominated vs his range with sets, 2 pair, or straights. With my combo draw here, i think this is the time to try and take down the pot, as raising him in the past has worked and if i do hit my hand i want to build the pot. I have 450 behind at this point.

I elect to raise to $150; V thinks for a while then makes the call. I dont know what to make of this call, because V doesnt really slowplay his made hands (in a previous hand, he bet flop, i called, he checked turn, i bet, and he raised), so i feel like if he had a set of queens here, he'd be looking to raise, and even potentially a TPTK hand, which he has been known to call down with, but it makes me feel like he can have underpairs here a lot.

I think i should want to make it bigger on the turn, however if i raise more to something like 200, i only have 250 left on the river which doesnt leave me with a lot of fold equity if my draw bricks, but its a good card for me. This is where i think raising on the flop would have been better, because i could have gotten it in here on a particularly terrible card for him.

River ($440): As

V checks, and now what do i do??

I completely brick a big draw, and now have no clue what to do, i'm never winning with 7 high, and this Ace should be a decent scare card for him. If he has TT-KK this really sucks for him, even though he should be beat before the ace comes anyways. The only hands that V could show up with that improve with this card are AA and AQ. In that sense, i feel like this is actually a decent card for us to jam in for our remaining 300 because V likely flats AQ pre, and he should have pocket pairs here more than AQ especially based off his turn sizing. He can have QQ here as well, but even then, i feel for a limp call range, this should be a pretty terrible board-i wouldnt fault a call, as hes beating all other sets in my range. So i think we are getting snapped by 2 hands, AQ and QQ, but not much else outside of that, and its possible he could find a fold with AQ?

I dont know, this River really throws me for a loop, what hands could he possibly show up with here that are helped by the Ace vs how many hands hate that ace? How do you decide what to do in a situation like this where the draw bricks, but you're not sure if that river is a good card for you to bluff at or not? Checking back and just giving up on this river feels shitty becasue we just just blew off half our stack essentially and surrender it, but i also am not sure how the Ace helps or hurts my ability to bluff at this.

Now this makes me question whether or not the raise on the turn was a good idea or not, because i was getting good odds to call for my flush especially with implied odds, i could have just called and if i brick, whatever i lost 100 or so, and if i hit, i get a good pot, however i'd feel like an idiot for not raising and getting more money in the pot. But then lets say it bricks, and he checks to us, do i go for it anyways?

Feedback is always appreciated, i'm trying to work on improving my game as much as possible, and i thought this was a pretty interesting spot. Sometimes i feel i play draws a bit passive, so i'm also trying to figure out when i can raise as a semibluff on my draws at appropriate times.

Do i just check and give up, or do i jam in the 300 in to get him to fold an underpair or KQ type hand?

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