Live poker adjustments?

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Live poker adjustments?


Used to play online high/midstakes 6max cash. Transitioning to live FR (even 10max) games. Not so accustomed to all these multiway pots. Should we be raising bigger pre, big enough to thin down the field to 1-2 players to put ourselves in a similar situation to online where it's mostly HU / 3way pots postflop?

Anything we should do about this or can we just slowly get used to community pots? It's been a bit rough on me adjusting to these community pots.

What I've summed up so far is in community pots maybe I can't bluff too much because too often someone has something. So hands like overcards with no backdoor straights might just be a check/give up in most scenarios in 3way pot + pots? And our pure air bluffs are basically completely cut out from our cbetting ranges and we should be bluffing more with semi bluffs where we can often two barrel vs people who call and cap their ranges a lot?

Also note, most these games are deep stacked. People usually bring 200bb+ to the table. Some even have 600bb+ but mostly averaging around 200-400bb stacks. I think I'm not playing as optimal as I can given the bigger stacks + better implied odds and all the community pots.

Anyone who successfully transitioned from online to live want to share some experience? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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