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Microstakes studying

Hi there,

I am a serious player looking to improve. I have played ~300,000 hands of NL2-NL10z with mixed results. I crushed NL2 for 15bb/100 but have been breaking even at NL5 and slightly losing (albeit over a negligible sample) at NL10. I have the aim of being an NL25z winner by the end of 2019 and would like some advice of how I can achieve this, particularly what the main things to study are to beat microstakes poker. What should I make sure that I am good at to raise my winrate at these stakes? Often when I am studying I do not know which things to prioritise as there seems like a lot - I can't quite afford the FTGU course but will be looking to get my hands on it at the earliest opportunity. What things have you guys been doing that you think are effective at the microstakes? Or, if you maybe have experience with students at these stakes then what are the obvious leaks that stand out? I have found that overfolding to aggression (as the population doesn't bluff enough) and betting range in marginal spots (as the population doesn't defend appropriately/raise enough) have worked well.

Alternatively some links to your favourite 6-Max NLHE essential videos here on RIO would be greatly appreciated. My favourite coach is Peter Clarke - I have read both his books and watched all of his videos but am still unable to win regularly at NL5 and NL10z.

Thanks for any comments!

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