multiway pot,am i playing right OTR?

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multiway pot,am i playing right OTR?

preflop 5 players limps.Hero holds 68o.

FLOP:Ts7s9d,sb allin x(short stacks),get called by following two players.Hero on CO raise 3X,button call,the rest folds.Two players.pot size 80+40(side pot).

TURN:2h brick,hero bet 40,called by button.pot size 80+120.

RIVER:Jh,hero shove for 60,half the side pot.get called by button,with KsQs.

I think OTF i raise with a reasonable size,chasing away 2 players seems comfortable for me.Since the turn is a blank,i bet the side pot size.AM I PLAYING CORRECTLY HERE?The only problem that i think i have is the shove on the river.If button has J8,which is a higher straight that has me beaten,we split the pot.If he has something like Q8,i think only one combo Qs8s could call me OTT.The only exception is that,HE KNOW THAT I HAVE A SMALLER STRAIGHT,AND IF HE CATCHES J OTR,HE CAN OUTPLAY ME WITH A BIGGER STRAIGHT.THIS IS SMALL CHANCE IN MY PERSPECTIVE. I never thought he could have a hand like KQ.And OTT,I DIDN'T GIVE HIM THE RIGHT PRICE TO CALL.Am i just unlucky or could i should've avoided the river shove OTR?I just never thought he could have KQ,even a suited one.

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