My problem playing online poker and trying to figure it out.

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My problem playing online poker and trying to figure it out.

Hello fellow RIO members. I'm Rafal, I'm from Poland. I've been playing online poker for over 6 months now and I need an advice/help.
Let's start with the stakes I play which are the lowest avialable (nl2 on PokerStars recently switched to nl2z).
I'm the winning player (not bragging ^_^), with all of my 400k hands I've played I have 3bb/100 winrate. It's for your information only.
But it's not the winrate I want to talk to guys about. It's more about the days when sometimes I feel like I'm playing the best I can play and I have this all figured out and winning big. But sometimes out of nowhere (or I don't know where from) I'm starting to play bad and having worst session u can possibly have. And it starts from one bad hand, and another and so on. I'm starting calling rivers I know I shouldn't be calling and losing big. I know what tilt is and I know I'm on tilt losing that much, it's not normal.I'm trying to find help and advice that would stop me from straying from my A game. What advice would you give me and maybe what videos from essential plan should I watch to combat this issue ? Amy help will be much appricieted and sorry for my english. Thanks.

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