Newish midstakes reg looking for study partners / comradery

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Newish midstakes reg looking for study partners / comradery

Hi all. I've been playing poker a long time, but have only started to dedicate myself to it with intention over the last two months or so. Given other commitments, I'm either playing or studying around 15-20 hours each week

I bought a solver, I've been pestering my friend who crushes 50nl (way too much), and I've been doing pretty well myself! I've won about 20 50nl buyins on RIO (including probably 7 or 8 buyins in like 3rd place leaderboard money) over something like 35k hands. Definitely running hot over a small sample, but I'm still pretty confident I have an edge.

Anyways, my more experienced grinder friend is literally the only person I have to talk to about spots and software and shots and the whole shebang. I really would kill for the chance to meet one, two or three people who I get along with and I could discuss poker with at a decent level.

Also, I am definitely a better cash game player than MTT (by a lot), but I'm actually interested in getting into MTTs, so if those are your specialty, we can definitely swap some tips.

If you're in a similar spot, beating the 50nl type games at a decent clip, maybe a bit above that, I'd love to hear from you. We can swap discord info or something? I'm not sure what people usually do.

I know it's never clear how much equity you have when you're thinking of introducing yourself to someone on the internet, but who knows... it could be a draw to the nuts. :P

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