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[NL10] - AQo, 3b pot, river too thin?

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[NL10] - AQo, 3b pot, river too thin?

60h on the villain, reg 25/20 10%(21) 3b. BU rfi 33%(3).

F: flop looks like the one i am doing a lot of betting for a small size. I have decent blockers to his J combos, and other two cards don't connect too much with his defending range. We can apply much pressure on T and R cards vs his middle pp calling.

T: turning tp, which means I am continuing to barrel with my hand for value.

R: I don't know what to do on this river. He has some backdoor flushes like JT, JK, J9 that beat me. Besides that he has some hands like A2s, A4s probably and some Jx to bluffcatch with. I need him to call very few worse hands. I also think he turns very little hands into bluff.

Tnhx for input.

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