nl100 - difficult situation OTT

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nl100 - difficult situation OTT

The hand was played on GG's Rush and cash (similar as zoom). Villain is mostly unknown, probablry reg (playing with 4 entries). What range is playing like that? I cannot see too many FD after just calling OTF, especially holding the Ad, nor many Kx.
The pool is on the nitty side and all in all, I cannot see too many bluffs/semi bluffs here. Against a tighter range, I do not have the odds for calling OTT (mostly 3xXd, 55 and a few FD with QdX like QdTd, QdJd). Would a fold OTT be nitty asf, right? Or?
OTR? IMO its an easy fold. Whats your thoughts?

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