NL25z bet/overbet/overbet line

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NL25z bet/overbet/overbet line

So this hand happened today. I actually thought I would be well studied in the bet/overbet/overbet line but there are still spots coming up that cause some confusion.

Flop: This board equalizes quite some of the range advantage that our PFR range carried to the flop. T9x connects well with our broadway region, still I think we're gonna have some checkbacks on this board. With a BDFD, this hand goes into my betting range.

Turn: The flop call caps BB's range, as TT/99/66/T9s/87s plus the majority of flush draws should have checkraises flop.

First question: Do we have overbets on the Jc here? In general, the typical spot for overbets is when BB capped his range on the flop and the turn is a blank. The Jc in turn (i) improves quite some of his range (KQ, J9, TJ, 98, flush draws that didn't XR flop) and (ii) makes several of our nutted hands on the flop lose quite some equity (TT,99,66,87) so I don't expect many overbets from my range here.

However, the specific hand classes of nuts and nut blockers should basically always be incentivized to overbet, right? So I guess we would have a small overbet percentage and that a hand like AcXx would fall into this category. Correct?

River: River is a blank, our range stays completely polar, we either overbet or check. Second question: Do I need to give up some of my bluffs here? I guess I need to do so since I can't have the same value:bluff ratio on both turn and river, but I have no idea which ones to give up and which ones to follow through.

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