NL25z - Bluff raise on turn vs delayed cbet from nit

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NL25z - Bluff raise on turn vs delayed cbet from nit


this hand is no spectacular but i was really confused during it.
UTG was 16/10 after 100 hands.

1) I call PF cause i expect him to have very strong range with those stats and opening position.Should i just fold it?
2) Check on flop is kinda strange cause board is drawy, so he should bet all his value bet hands, like AA, AK, KK. The rest like QQ, JJ, TT, 99 probably too.
3) Turn is blank and it hits BB range better than UTG range, so im very suprised when UTG makes delayed cbet and sizing is strong. Its hard for me to put him on hand or even range so i decide to bluff him, but he fires back and he does it very quickly. I have to fold but still i dont have any idea what he may have here...... :-/
What do You think?

Thanks !

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