NL25z I try to exploit an aggro reg

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NL25z I try to exploit an aggro reg

SB is an aggro reg. So on this flop SB should check a large portion of his range, one could even resort to range checking. Given that he c-bets for 1/3 here, my thought was that he is likely to be vastly overbluffing.

We might have two exploits here:
1. Betting range is too weak, since SB range lacks strong hands here in general and large parts of his wide range fail to slow down -> Attack betting range by raising hands that would not be raises otherwise
2. Checking range is too weak, since the strong hands he does have will have predominantly gone into the betting range when SB fails to identify this as a high frequency check board -> Attack checking range

In the hand, I go for exploit number 1. Thoughts?

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