NL25z - JJ in 3bet pot BB vs BTN

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NL25z - JJ in 3bet pot BB vs BTN


again BB vs BTN, it looks that i have problems with such spots :-)
After 30 hands stats 16/16, so no info in fact.

Im really confused with this hand.
1) Cbet 30% of the pot. Its ok, i guess, ill do it with my whole range here.
2) Bad turn for me, no need to bet here, ill get action only from better hands.
3) After his check behind on turn i fill kinda confident that my hand should be the best. I expect him to check behind the river a lot and see a lot of low pocket pairs.
I dont know what to do after his big bet on river...... He shouldnt bet it with Kx, Tx, so in his value range i see only AK, AQ, AT, KK, TT or QJ, and maybe AJ. On the other hand i played it very passive, so he may try to bluff me out from the hand on the river, cause its kinda obvious for him that im not so strong here, when i cbet 30%, check turn and check river. Can i call here?

Thanks for opinions.

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