NL25z On PartyPoker. I think my line is horrible

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NL25z On PartyPoker. I think my line is horrible

I don't have HH, it's partypoker (RIP)
25z 100b effective


Hero (UTG) opens to 0.60 with QhTh
Button Calls
BB completes

FLOP ($1.90) 7h 5d Qd

Hero Cbet $0.99
Buttons calls
BB folds

TURN ($3.88) Qs (7h 5d Qd)

Hero Checks
Button bets $1.84
Hero Raises $5.70
Button calls

RIVER 4d (Qs 7h 5d Qd)

Hero bets $4.4 (Leaving 13$ behind)
Villain shoves
Hero folds


I don't remember if Button is a Reg.
I think I hate my flop Cbet sizing, betting smaller is probably better.
Turning trips I checked, I probably thought I would look very nutted. I don't really understand why I check raised. This is probably the worst mistake.
Not knowing what to do on the river I probe bet but again I kinda think it's terrible. I feel like villain has all the better Q and sets and my turn check raise was looking so strong that he always has something better on the river.

Maybe check folding river as played?


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