nl400 Should i bluff ?

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nl400 Should i bluff ?

SB: $511.75
BB: $690.91
HJ: $406
CO: $532.04
BN: $462.39 (Hero)
Preflop ($6.00) (5 Players)
Hero was dealt K Q
HJ folds, CO folds, Hero raises to $8, SB raises to $32, BB folds, Hero calls $24
Flop ($70.00) 2 T 5 (2 Players)
SB bets $36, Hero calls $36
Turn ($142.00) 2 T 5 4 (2 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $90, SB calls $90
River ($322.00) 2 T 5 4 6 (2 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $304.39, and is all in, SB calls $304.39
Final Pot
Hero has K Q SB has A T SB wins $925.98

Villain is an aggresive reg who 3bets from the SB 15%, and use to barrel a lot. My main plan in flop is raise his cbet, but in order to balance my range i decided to call this time. Besides, he is very aggresive an at the moment i felt like he would be bluff-barreling his entire stack in K or Q turns, and i also could make a turn float again in some scary turns like this one if he bets again.

I´ts important to note that i have an aggresive dinamic against him, he saw me bluff him too many times, and doesnt give me to much credit when i bet. But at the same time when i came to the river with this hand, and this runout, i feel obligate to bluff. If i don´t bluff this hand, i don´t bluff ever. Are my reasons correct ? 

I think i don´t have too many bluffs in my range, and he has a difficult time calling. I check behind turn with AQ 100% of the time. Maybe i could turn into a bluff some AJ without hearts, but i think i should not keep bluffing in river.

My value range: 

12 combo set

6 combo flush

6 combo JJ

1 combo of ATs (with card removal effect) 

Would you play different at any point of the hand ? Why ? 

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