NL50 - Fastplay flop vs a fish?

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NL50 - Fastplay flop vs a fish?

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (5 Players) CO: $58.52
BN: $43.22
SB: $63.56 (Hero)
BB: $43.00
UTG: $51.36
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is SB with K K
UTG raises to $1.45, CO folds, BN calls $1.45, Hero raises to $7.50, BB folds, UTG folds, BN calls $6.05
BTN is a fish with a vey wide preflop range. Very low fold to 3bet, so I assume is the same story even if he had flat calls and call the squeeze.
Flop ($16.95) 7 7 Q
Hero bets $5.29, BN raises to $10.58, Hero raises to $56.06 and is all in, BN calls $25.14 and is all in

Clear fastplay for me, because I don't like here to just call the flop and let the opportunity to check behind the turn to my opponent and to see some turns or river that allows him some kind of folds (even if I'm not worried too much about overcards because there are only six) or to play for a smaller pot (I strongly believe he can go broke with TP and a few others hands like this). Moreover, I don't think that "just call to give him the chance to hit something with which he can pay us with our nuts/static SDV" works well in this spot, given the Q on the flop.
But I talked about this hand with a friend of mine who was convinced that the best play here can be to bet/call (few hands calls a shove, he can have often a 7, a TP will pay us on turn too with a bet or a shove).

I'm interested in your opinion on something that I considered standard but that could perhaps raise an important mistake of mine in interpreting these situations. Thank you!

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