NL50 strategy vs good reg

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NL50 strategy vs good reg

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (6 Players) BN: $53.00
SB: $104.12 (Hero)
BB: $67.42
UTG: $50.75
MP: $187.84
CO: $48.94
villain is 24/20/4 over 3k hands. wtsd 30% (a bit on a high side), wsd 50%, wwsf 50%, rfi utg 20%, fold to flop cbet 5/7, flop to turn 2bet 3/3. cbet F/t/r 56/50/42.

We had a hand yesterday that he played really, really well and induced a terribly spew from me, which he proceeded to snapcall fairly light. I have him noted as one of the best regs at the limit.
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is SB with J J
UTG raises to $1.50, 3 folds, Hero calls $1.25, BB folds
Smth like 66-QQ, KQ, AQ+, ATs+?
Flop ($3.50) 9 J 7
Hero checks, UTG bets $2.25, Hero calls $2.25
The flop hits me really hard and I have a lot of options how to play my ranges. Given that he opens fairly wide utg and its almost impossible for me to completely whiff this board I think that my range in general is somewhat stronger. We share the valuecombos (all except for QT, KK, AA I guess), but he has way more air in his range.

1) I could just xC everything I continue with, which could be smth like: sets, KQ, AdXx, FDs, 88, TT, QQ and donkbet some stuff ott?

2) xR sets+ overs with bdfd and xC the rest I wanna continue with (FDs, AJ, QQ, TT..I can perhaps go xC, xC, x/jam with those hands on some runout?). Maybe I should xR sets and FDs and just muck weaker hands, like AdKx, but I feel like that strategy would be wasting my range advantage on this board.

3) I think that technically I have initiative on this board, since my range is stronger, so I could lead sets+ overs+bdfd and xC the same range as in 2? Or even just lead everything?

I think I actually like donkbetting my whole continuing range otf. I dont like the line I took, since I think that he calls down with hands he'd bet anyway, I dont get anything worthwhile to fold, I dont get paid off too well when I hit, I dont force him to make a mistake too significant.
Turn ($8.00) 9 J 7 2
Hero bets $5.00, UTG calls $5.00
Maybe its worth considering donkbetting a really wide range ott and just overbet jamming all rivers?
River ($18.00) 9 J 7 2 5
Hero bets $13.00, UTG calls $13.00
Basically the weaker my range is, the more I wanna bet, right? At the time I thought that my range is somewhat valueheavy, since I wouldnt actually in play donkbet KQo combos ott, so I went for a smaller sizing.

Obviously the goal is to not find some perfect gto solution. Just a rough idea which course of action makes the most sense Is enough I think.

Is any of the proposed strategies vastly superiour/inferior? What line would you guys take with this hand?


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