nl600 Do i need bluff river range ?

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nl600 Do i need bluff river range ?

BN: $1000.70
SB: $609 (Hero)
BB: $600
Preflop ($9.00) (3 Players)
Hero was dealt 8 7
BN raises to $12.42, Hero raises to $42, BB folds, BN calls $29.58
Flop ($93.00) A 4 5 (2 Players)
Hero bets $54, BN calls $54
Turn ($201.00) A 4 5 5 (2 Players)
Hero bets $117, BN calls $117
River ($435.00) A 4 5 5 3 (2 Players)
Hero bets $396, and is all in, BN calls $396
Final Pot
Hero has 8 7 BN has Q A BN wins $1222.50

Villain is 25/23, OR BTN 68%, fold 3b 73%. 

fold cbets % in 3b pots: 33% flop ( 21 sample) , 25% turn (8 sample) ; 44% and 39% in normal pots

I think he would go broke pre with TT+ AQs+

When i came to the river with my missdraw, this is literally the worst hand of my range. I have some aggresive dynamic with this villan. In a vaccuum i feel he is calling me with a lot of Ax hands, but at the same time if i don´t bluff this hand, i don´t bluff nothing. Am i obligated to bluff ? How important is for my general game plan maintain at least some combo bluffs in a spot where he will have a hard time to find a fold of a hand like AJ, definetly not folding AQ.

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