Range Construction on the flop from Solver Output

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Range Construction on the flop from Solver Output

Hi Runitonce Forum,

so basically i am new in the solver world.
I wonder how to effectively make a general range construction postflop from solver input? or the right way to understand step by step, on making range construction.

for example , single raise pot BTN vs BB
1st. input both range, input the betting tree (33% 66% 100%) and input the pot,
2nd. make an alternative board type, (rainbow, two tone, monotone) (unpaired, paired, trips) (board general card HHH HML MMM LLL) (board highest card, A , K , Q),
3rd. then make a range construction from each general board? or from specific board like (Two Tone, Paired, HMM, A high board)
4th. after that which is better to make a range construction? our kind hands (suited A, offsuit A, middle pair, low pair, suited connector) , or our hands strenght (sets, flush draw, gutshot, OESD, two pair, high card) ?

I mean , for beginner like me, what is the better way to make a Range Construction, thank you

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