River calling thought process leaks?

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River calling thought process leaks?

Just saw this hand on YouTube from a goose.score playing rush nl200, He ended up folding in both hands which I usually would've talked myself into a call these spots.
As it seems we are under repping our hand.. I always think ppl try to push me off my weak range. Thinking there should be some leaks in my thinking process... Guys thoughts? What should be the proper thinking process looks like otr? I think i always level myself into a call too much this spots.

200NL gg rush, sb vs utg, 100 bb eff

Utg open 2bb SB 3b to 10bb with ATss utg calls

Flop A77chs 21bb
Check check

Turn Qh SB checks again, utg leads half pot, sb calls

River 8d pot 44bb
SB checks utg bet 33bb,

  1. MP QsQh open 2bb got 3b by Co to 7bb he 4bet to 21bb

Flop AsTh8h pot 43.5bb
He bets range 11bb Co calls
Turn Ac check check
River Tc MP checks, Co bets 40bb

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