Suboptimal? line vs a weaker player

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Suboptimal? line vs a weaker player

NL 10 6 max, 100 bb eff
Hero raises MP Ah Jc, villan calls BU, SB short calls as welll
FLOP 8.04bb
Jh 4h 2s

Hero bets 2.65 bb (bet 50% better?), BU minraises, SB folds, Hero calls
(Should I 3bet flop here? If yes, what should I do to a 4bet?)
TURN 18.05 bb

Hero checks, BU bets 5.39 bb Hero calls
(Didn't want to fold TP+GS to a 3bet so just called. Is 3bet-call better here?)
RIVER 28.24 bb

Hero checks, BU bets 14 bb, Hero calls
(Any argument for something different?)

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