Super interesting 1/3 no limit 4 bet bluff spot on flop

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Super interesting 1/3 no limit 4 bet bluff spot on flop

Hero 765 effective at 1/3 no limit in Florida.

Villain 1 300 effective (very bad rec who limp calls bad hands and raises good ones) opens to 15. Villain 2 1200 effective (decent thinking player with a good understanding of game but who calls too wide preflop) flats from MP and hero calls from BB with AsJs.

Flop comes 8c 10s Qs. Hero x’s, Villian 1 bets 40, Villian 2 bets 110, hero tanks for about 20 seconds and then jams.

UTG calls with AQ (which I don’t mind at all) and I got Villian 2 to fold 2 pair.

I just wanted thoughts on whether you guys think this was the most EV move in this scenario? My thinking is I have the most J9 here, I also Block J9 which the field only has suited combos of. Villian 2 is 3betting QQ pre and maybe 10s sometimes. Also, I have a pretty tight image and it was a Reg heavy table so I thought it may be a good move for my image if calling or raising to like 350 is similar in EV.

Thanks for reading!

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