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Thoughts on "Flat River" Results (HM Graph)

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Thoughts on "Flat River" Results (HM Graph)

Hi everyone,

I checked my database a few days ago and was kinda suprised by my results when calling a river bet. I used the quick filter "flat river" in HM2 and got this graph as a result of my last 100k hands.

I wasnt necessarily shocked by the results since I wasnt playing and performing well on that sample.
But when I checked my other database where I am a decent winner over more than 1,5m hands the results were very unexpected.

I was wondering if anybody has some thoughts on this. What are we expected to win when calling a river bet? I guess we shouldnt win too much, because we get pot odds and when we are far ahaed of the opponents range we are going to raise. But still, I am losing 300 stacks over 8k hands. That looks like an insane major leak to me :)

Any help or thoughts on this are greatly appreciated! I would also be interested in some of your river calling results.

e: looks like I also need help on how to post pics in this forum :)

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