Understanding 'Preflop Hands EV' and making use of Aggregated reports

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Understanding 'Preflop Hands EV' and making use of Aggregated reports

Hey friends,

I recently ran a SB vs BTN 3bet spot w 2.5% rake 2bb cap.
I gave BTN a calling range of what I feel my reg opponents usually call and gave SB a generic 17% 3b range.

SB 3bet range: https://gyazo.com/f568b9f48626d6b8ee0763e506da8446
BTN calling range: https://gyazo.com/790bea5045464109103ac6f82867b808

The 3bet size from SB is 10.5BBs. Now folding a hand preflop yields '-0.5bbs' so every hands EV should atleast be 10bb (10.5bb-0.5bb) to make it a more profitable 3bet than open folding it.

So i ran a script and these were the 'Preflop Hands EV' which PIO spit out-

Strangely enough the only hands in SB which make over 10bb on average are [66+ AQs+], Thats only 5.58% range.

Everything else like AQo,AJs, KQs were better preflop folds than 3bets(?)

This seems strange. Could someone shed light on why is this happening.

Am i understanding something wrong or Is it because of the rake structure or the fact that IP is slowplaying some AA/KK/AK that hits OOP's EV or the 3bet size is just way too big for 100bbs.

Thanks for reading thus far and I'm grateful for comments if any,

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